Descendants Of Peter Wisser Of Prussia

Latest Edits to these pages: 09 August 2014

Stad Antwerpen

This branch of the Wisser family can currently trace their history to Peter and Elisabetha (Alofin) Wisser of Herdorf, Prussia.  We do not know much about them. We know that they had two sons, Gerlach and Peter.  Gerlach married Maria Blaeser, and they seem to have stayed in Prussia.    Peter Wisser married Maria Margaretha Wickel.  It was Joannes Petrus (Peter) and Maria Margaretha (Mary), who came to America in January, 1848, and established roots in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  But that is just part of a saga which includes three (possibly five) Atlantic ocean crossings, a few years in Mexico, tragic misfortune, participation in America’s Industrial Revolution and a lot of interesting occurrences along the way.

You can also find information to some of the burial sites on FINDAGRAVE.

The Wisser Family History, A Herdorf To Lehigh County Branch is dedicated to those who came before. Their lives were often hard. W e honor them by remembering them.

Eric Wisser



To see all the information on this family tree, simply click on each name listed in the left hand column.  A page will display for each ancestor.  The names at the top will start you at the generation farthest back in time that we know something about.  As you work your way down the list, you will be working forward.

If you click on a link which displays in YELLOW, it will take you to a related document or related article of interest.



There is information contained within the sidebars that is an outgrowth of our research.  It may enhance your knowledge of the life and times of our ancestors.


Think you’re a descendant of PETER WISSER Of PRUSSIA?

email me here: ericmartin.wisser @ (take out the spaces).


INVITATION:  If you’re part of this family tree and would like to add a page about someone, we would love to have you do so.  Just get in touch at the email address above.

11 thoughts on “Descendants Of Peter Wisser Of Prussia

  1. Hello,

    verry interesting Storie, my Name is Martin Wisser, live in Berlin Germany, 47 jears old. My Great Father
    is Walter Wisser my Father Siegfried Wisser. I have one Sister Christiane Wisser.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi,I am a descendant of Peter Wisser. Peter-Boniface-Edward-Alfred-Thomas-myself. I have some information going back 7 generations. I would love to hear from extended family members to collaborate-gathering more a hobby of mine. Hope to hear from you soon. Alice

    • This seems to be a branch of the Wisser family I am not familiar with. I can trace my family to the southwest of Germany. Baden-Baden to Freiburg area. George Wisser (1824)

  3. Wonderful work Eric! My name is Trent James Wisser. My sons are Carter and Parker Wisser. My Father’s name is James Frank Wisser, his Father’s name is Frank Edward Wisser, and my great grandfather’s name is Edward Wisser. This branch of Wissers is from Western PA and Eastern Ohio.

    • Hello Trent,

      Thanks for your comment. Perhaps we share ancestors further back. I’m on the trail of generations preceding Peter, both from Holpe Morsbach, Prussia (Joannes Nicolaus and Joannes Henricus}. My son Jonas attended Oberlin College in Ohio and currently resides there.


  4. Hi Eric,
    I really admire your investigations Wisser family, I am a descendant of Wilhelm Wisser of Burglahr Prussia, married to Maria Anna Muller Bernstein Prussia, they emigrated to Peru in 1857 to colonize the central jungle Pozuzo. please tell me if you had more information to your genealogy in Germany. I will send the geneologico tree here.
    Sandro Wisser

    • Hello Sandro, Thanks for commenting here. Burglahr and Herdorf are within 55km of each other. It seems reasonable to speculate that our families may be separate branches of the same tree. I would love to see what you know of your tree back to Prussia.

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