Genevieve Latzer Wisser (10/15/1842-11/5/1933)

Genevieve (variously Jane, Geneva) was married to Bonifacius. Born in Austria in 1842, her maiden name was Latzer. We have found references to her in the 1860 census , the 1870 census , the 1880 census shown below, the 1900 census , the 1910 census ,  the 1920 census , and the 1930 census . As we can see in the census of 1860, Genevieve was living in the household of her father Andrew . There is a girl of seven in the same household named Margaret, who we assume is Genevieve’s sister. Working with this information, we checked the records at Most Blessed Sacrament church in Bally and we found a record of the baptism for Margaret. Here we see Margaret was born 27 Oct, 1852, interestingly just four days after Boniface’s father Peter perished in the mining accident.

Record of baptism of Margaret Latzer

Record of baptism of Margaret Latzer

The record shows the parents: Andrew Latzer and Agatha Buchel. It is unfortunate that there is no mention of Agatha in the 1860 census, and neither a marriage record for she and Andrew or death record for her in Bally. We have found no verifiable record of Agatha Buchel anywhere else.  But access to Genevieve’s death certificate shows that Agatha was the mother of Margaret, but not Genevieve. This record shows that Genevieve’s mother was Magdelina Delch.

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Death certificate for Genevieve Wisser

Death certificate for Genevieve Wisser

The 1880 census seems to be the last record of Andrew Latzer.

Andrew Latzer   1880 Census

Andrew Latzer
1880 Census

In 1862, Genevieve  married Bonifacius at the age of nineteen.  She was a founding member of both Immaculate Conception (alongside her father Andrew) and Sacred Heart of Jesus churches in Allentown.  She lived with her family in Allentown for over sixty years.

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Boniface (Fassio) Wisser                  Family            1880 census

Boniface (Fassio) Wisser
1880 census


Jane & sons 1910 #2

Genevieve and sons 1910 Census 406 Ridge Ave

     Genevieve and sons            1920 Census

Genevieve and sons 1920 Census, 319 Railroad St.

   Genevieve and sons                         1930 Census

Genevieve and sons 1930 Census, 319 Railroad St.

   Joseph, Leo, and Frank           1940 Census         319 Railroad St.

Joseph, Leo, and Frank
1940 Census
319 Railroad St.


Above: Record of the marriage of Bonifacius and Genevieve found at Immaculate Conception in Allentown.

1929 Allentown City             Directory

1929 Allentown City

Above: 319 Railroad St. as it appears today, where according to the Allentown City Directory of 1917 and the Federal Censuses of 1920 and 1930, Jane lived with her sons Joseph, Leo, and Frank years after the death of Bonifacius.   Click here to view a map showing the area of Allentown where this house is located (zoom feature at bottom of screen).

Above: Jane’s obituary as it appeared in an Allentown newspaper, picked up by the Reading Eagle, probably at the suggestion of her daughter-in law Theresa who was from Reading.

Above: Final resting place of Genevieve Jane Wisser.

5 thoughts on “Genevieve Latzer Wisser (10/15/1842-11/5/1933)

  1. I am a relative of Peter Wisser of Prussia. His son, Bonifacious married Genevieve Latzer. Their son William H. Wisser married Sophia Miller (daughter of Matthias Miller) They had several children. Their last was a girl named Sophie who was my grandmother. Her mother died several days after her birth. My grandmother and her sisters all stayed in the Allentown area.Sophie Wisser married Michael Urban and had 2 sons: Richard and Michael (my father). Michael Urban, Jr. married Kathleen Matula and had 3 children: Colleen, Michael III, and Mark.

    • Hello Colleen! I’m so pleased you found the “The Wisser Family Tree”! How much of this history did you know? I have thought that if I heard from someone in the family, it would probably be a descendant of William’s. I know he and Sophia and William H., Jr. are buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, but I have not yet visited their graves. Your grandmother Sophie and my grandfather Bernard P. were cousins. Would you like for me to add a page about your line on this site? If you had pictures, I could include them. A side note: My wife Nancy has a brother named Andy Lahr who married Val Urban of Allentown. Her father’s name was Frank. Perhaps she is related to you?

  2. Hi Eric!

    My father knows most of the history but didn’t know about Peter Wisser so it was an interesting find! I will ask him if he would like a page added. His grandfather’s name was John Urban from the area of Austria-Hungary. Maybe Frank and John were brothers or cousins? We are having a hard time finding out info. about the Urban side! What is interesting about the Wissers is that they seem to live long lives which means good genes for us!

    • Just figured out that my grandfather, Michael Urban had 3 sisters: Margaret, Anna and Rose and three brothers: Joseph, John and Frank!

  3. According to my brother-in-law, there can’t be an Urban connection here. That Frank Urban had actually taken his mother’s name (Urban).

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