Quick Links To Vital Records

Besides physical examination of records at churches, courthouses, cemeteries, etc., much of the research for this site was conducted through searches of online data bases.  Following are links to some of the records used in this research.  FamilySearch.org was used most often as it is as of this writing, free of charge.  In some instances these links are references to records stored on microfilm which were accessed by utilizing the Family History Center at the local Mormon church.

History of Lehigh County (page 1417-Wisser Families)

Birth Record-Joannes Petrus Wisser

Birth Record-Maria Margaretha Wickel

Marriage Record- Joannes Petrus and Maria Margaretha

Marriage record-Gerlach Wisser(brother of Joannes Petrus)

Birth Record-Paulina Wisser

Birth Record-Elisabeth Wisser

1860 Census-Bonifacius (Fersia) Wisser

1870 Census-Maria and Sarah

1880 census-Household of Bonifacius Wisser

1880 census-Household of Maria M. Wisser

1870 census-Elizabeth (Wisser) Sacks

1870 census-Paulina (Wisser) Koons

1880 census-Paulina (Wisser) Koons

1900 census-Paulina (Wisser) Koons

1910 census-Paulina (Wisser) Koons

1895 Marriage Application for Edward Wisser and Theresa Ott

1900 census-Household of Edward and Theresa Wisser

1910 census–Household of Edward and Theresa Wisser

1900 census-Household of Matthias Ott

1918 0bituary for Theresa (Ott) Wisser

1951 0bituary for Edward Wisser

1933 obituary for Genevieve (Latzer) Wisser

18 July 1846 – Passenger List of the Ship Agnes arriving Port Of New Orleans

The above link is very interesting.  Check out the name of passenger #46.   Joh. Peter Wisser, 39 0f Herdorf!  We feel this is almost certainly our Peter Wisser.  According to THE HISTORY OF LEHIGH COUNTY, ” Peter settled in Mexico and there followed contract work in the silver mines until a revolution broke out, and on account of it, he returned to his native country. He had intended to return to Mexico, but upon learning that the difficulties had not yet quieted down, he came to this country.”

It appears that just six weeks after the birth of his daughter Elizabeth in Herdorf, Peter had journeyed back to The Americas to discern if it was possible to move back to Mexico.  Unfortunately for him, the U. S. congress had declared war on Mexico just two months prior to his arrival.  A year and a half later Peter and his family would arrive in New York to start life over once more, this time in the United States.

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